by Sharron Warren

Just Another Day

I’m finding that genes are not so fun to inherit. I was hoping to write weekly of my journey but the end of January my Father (you hear me up there!) decided to pass along his kidney stones to me…..I’d love to have his beautiful curly hair and his wonderful sense of humor but I get the STONE. I had surgery then developed a kidney infection but with another round of antibiotics I hope to get back to normal. Through all of this I lost track of dates and days and medicine times and became very frustrated. This part of the disease is especially hard as you know that you have it and that things aren’t right and you can’t make them right. My head is in a spin as I try to act normal and not rely on Tom to much so what I’m doing is isolating my self from him. I will need him for the harder days that will come and I already feel his stress.

When I started this BLOG I had hopes of sending it to my maternal cousins and close friends and from there with a little feedback I would post it online in hopes that someone like me would find it and I’d have a friend to share with. So far I’ve only sent it to about 10 people and have yet to publish it. A friend suggested that I start a Facebook page to publish my BLOG and hit a greater audience but I’m not ready for that.

The Dementia patient is not giving you a hard time
The Dementia patient is having a hard time.


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  1. Rodney Lang said:

    I love you Momma!

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