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Long Time but Great Vacation


Things don’t always work out as planned. Life gets in the way – not that I’ve forgotten about the BLOG, as I think of it all the time and so much I want to write but we’ve been busy. We went on a 16 day Panama Canal Cruise with Tom’s parents – great time, great food and lots of free time to catch on reading & bonding. We met a few couples and I found that I wasn’t comfortable talking to them. We’d talk about other vacations and I couldn’t remember when we went & I found myself looking at Tom for answers. Got to the point where we just kept to ourselves and had a wonderful time.

So far I’m about the same but find it increasingly frustrating not to remember things I did in the past, or only remember fragments. I read and know other Alzheimer patients and I do count myself lucky. Years ago I lived next door to a great family and the husband and wife used to go out with me and my then husband – we’d hit the bars, have a few drinks and shoot some serious darts. They also had a wonderful garden to rival an local farmer. He has Alzheimer’s. I was so sad to find out but he has a great support system who loves and takes care of him. After many years his family decided that a nursing home was the best place for him but he is not forgotten. Please never forget us. Do what you think is best but no one knows for sure what is going on in the minds of someone with advanced Alzheimer’s……………you never know – we may really know and see you!!

Tom, my great husband has endured my rants (I have no sympathy for caregivers who B and moan about what they have to do) change places with us and maybe you’ll be grateful. There is one BLOG that I now refuse to read as the wife does nothing but complain about her life – POOR HER. No sympathy on my part – get over yourself!!

Anyway (YES, that was a rant) Tom had decided that he’d like to write some on here. He doesn’t want a whole BLOG but he might be able to give you a birds eye view into our life or his life without feeling sorry for his self.

Stay tuned.