by Sharron Warren

To those who understand – this title can be rather amusing.  I could also title it – “Where did that thought go?” or “Where did that word go?”  For those of us with memory problems our days are spent trying to remember all the little things.  If not for my day planner that I always keep on desk I’d be lost for everything I do or plan or have done that day goes into that book.  It never moves and I never take it with me for it tells ME my life.  If you are where I am then you can understand, if not you can say “Oh, I have a day planner too!!”  You do not have a day planner like I do and you do not use it to remember what you did a few days ago.

At the EASE meeting last night we discussed communication with our Care Partners.  It was wonderful to hear the different stories of how our Care Partners communicate, or don’t communicate and funny stories of how we sometimes are the Care Partner.  Having AD or any memory problem can be hard on loved ones so sometimes we have to step back, take a breath and show some love for those special men and women.  They don’t want pity, they want to help and support us – we are after all PARTNERS and most of us have been married over 14 yrs. so being a partner I was reminded isn’t anything new – just different now and different is OK.

I’d like to thank the EASE group for surprising me with a birthday cake & to one of my wonderful AD friends for actually singing to me  (Wonderfully) two Elvis songs…………….took my breath away, not only to be sung to but to hear this man sing.  You are amazing!!

Now that summer is in full swing so is our calendar but that’s a good thing.  Staying busy and staying connected to people is a good thing for AD people.  As I told you I’ve not told anyone about my condition in our community and I won’t for a while – maybe because I don’t want pity, I don’t want to be different, I don’t want to be corrected and I don’t want AD minimized.  I may appear “normal” to those around me and telling someone opens up a whole new world – so for now I will appear “normal” for a little while longer.  As I said in EASE last night, when I am stuck on finding a word or forgetting a story in the middle I always say , “I need more wine!!”

Enjoy the week.  


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