by Sharron Warren


I have never been known for my patience – many will laugh and agree and some say “What?”  I’ve found through the years that there are many things you can hide from neighbors and occasional friends but those who really know you can see right through you. 

Tom wrote about the difficulty of grocery shopping and in recent weeks I’ve seen my stress level increase in that situation.  I do not do well with hordes of rude people (or large groups of any sort) running all over the store in every direction and going the wrong way – yes, the wrong way.  I go down isles as I do when I drive.  Between that and rude people taking on their phones the whole shopping experience is a disaster. That takes me back to my lack of patience and the realization that it is getting less and less. 

It seems like it’s the little things that we take for granted but when they are slowly fading away you realize how big they are.  I never thought grocery shopping would be so difficult but then I never thought remembering what I did two days ago would fly out of my head.

For better or worse – it is what it is!!




Comments on: "For Better or for Worse" (2)

  1. Kathy Young said:

    Sharron, what a well written post! As my dad, Just Bill, says, “Sometimes the Golden Years turn into a Rust Bucket”. Make sure you do everything on your “bucket list” as we all should: there are no guarantees of happily ever after for any of us. I love you and am so glad we’re family. Kathy Young

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