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My Toes Not Quite in the Sand


Seems we will be bolting a lot this summer – little mini vacays as a friend says.  To make this entree short and sweet – I longed to can – like canning fruit jam, tomatoes and tomato sauce and salsa.  I canned many moons ago and guess I forgot that most foods need a pressure cooker.  We found a great deal on the big enamel canner with all the goodies inside – grabbed a few jars, extra lids, several types of pectin and thought we were off to make strawberry Jam!  My mind needs order and I work better alone or with someone who knows what they’re doing……..seems neither Tom nor I knew what we were doing but WE MADE JAM!   It was still a bit to hectic for me.  I still find that I need lots of peace – it sooths my soul and my brain doesn’t feel as tangled and strange.   I go from no speed to warp then crash and burn.

On to better things that happened in June – we went to a free concert in New Town, a great community in Williamsburg, to listen to The Hark………….they are an awesome band that play a little bit of everything.  The lead singer (female) can BELT out a song.  This was a great day with no major issues.

Now we are on a hunt for a swimming hole as our pool is still not ready.  We hit the river on Monday, the 30th but we long for a pool & we finally found one that is only a few miles away – big and beautiful on a river owned by the county.  We’ll give it a go later this week.  We did take our mini vacay to New Bern, NC. & had not the best weather.  We love New Bern but such a shame we have to travel 4 hrs. just to lie by a pool but then I remember the great restaurants and shopping!!



Tom, my biggest supporter and Care Partner.  Check out those shoe strings!!

As this disease progresses more questions come up as do more decisions.  We are updating all our legal papers, something everyone should do now if they’ve not do so in the past 5 years.  We had a Lawyer visit us at the last EASE meeting and enlightened us all of the new Virginia requirements for Power of Attorney, Trusts vs. Wills, etc.  In the talk later we were asked if we were up to date on our legal documents – I answered that we will be but that I had already written my obit.  When the time comes I don’t want Tom to try to remember all the grandkid’s names (spelling) and what my wishes are.  I find it wise for all (young and old) to discuss what you would like for the end stage of their life.  If you can not afford a Lawyer there are free forms online that will work for now, especially if you’ve not made millions!!  Even young people get sick and young people die, make that plan!!  I’ve found that it sure makes life easier for those of us left.

PBS online has a great interview with a woman such as myself.  This will give you some insight into my mind:


We’ve been painting walls (I even did brown strips in the guest bath) and some fun and dumb small canvases.  Tom saw a beach bag in New Bern with 3 opened umbrellas and thought it would be nice to paint on a larger canvas.  He has drawn the umbrellas and I hope he’ll paint it soon.  The engineering in him makes drawing look so easy.  Maybe there will be pictures for the next posting.


All days are not sad but misunderstood

therefore; Try stepping in my shoes and

walking a mile. You’ll see how hard it is to hold

back tears and fake that smile.