by Sharron Warren



I’ve been reading new medical info – wading through what’s true, what will work and is it worth all the side effects.  I find that some are a little “out there” and I wonder is “out there” a bad thing??  Having worked for a pharmaceutical company I know most new drugs start in the UK.  It’s frustrating to see what’s going on in the UK knowing that it will take years to hit the US then many years to waddle through all the FDA paperwork to get trials going here.  This is why WE need to raise money to continue research for a cure.

On to the beach!!!!  Despite the dull weather I enjoyed my beach vacation.  “A rainy day at the beach is better than a sunny day at home” – AMEN.  I had time to relax, visit new places, eat at new restaurants, take pictures and make memories.  I love the beach that much. Looking forward to the month of November in Florida – on the ocean!!  A WHOLE MONTH!!

What made this last beach vacation different is that I’ve become more aware of people invading my space.  In past posts (by Tom and myself) we’ve mentioned the grocery stores but now it’s most everywhere.  We set up on the beach away from everyone. Now remember this was Sept. and this resort has a lot of beachfront but low and behold someone who smokes, or talks on their cell or has 5 toddles parks about 2 feet from us.  I’m so much more aware of MY space.  I try to tell myself that it’s OK but the noises and people crowding me are not helping – space is what I need.  I’ve asked other Alzheimer’s folks and they feel the same way.  Large crowds bother me so much so that I had a “private” meltdown last weekend at a concert.  I need to talk to Tom about buying an Island!!  Another road/air trip.

Tom has been wonderful through the years in taking family videos even though I stay out of most but what a pleasure it is to watch and remember those times. Pictures are great so we recently bought a nice camera for me to “Make Memories.” I love nature scenes but I need to get more people into my pictures. When I’m gone I don’t think anyone will enjoy my flower pictures!!  Computers, digital cameras, smart phones, iPods, iPads – oh my.  My Mother would have loved all of these things – what a great way of keeping track of your life & friends.  I was watching a video when Riley (age 10) was 2 yrs. and my Daughter-in-Law was talking about taking pictures of him to get a good one to include in thank you notes for his birthday and she said “I took the film to the store and out of 48 pictures there was not one they developed that was decent enough to put in the cards………..what a laugh I got out of that.

It’s funny but most women I talk to feel the same way I do about having their picture taken or being on a video.  I am who I am and after watching several videos of people with Alzheimer’s I’d love to record my thoughts and stories for my Grandchildren. I am working on two Grand Mother books for my youngest grandchildren. Now I have to remember to write in them!!


I am including the link to the last Alzheimer’s video I watched.  A lady with Alzheimer’s has her son follow her around asking questions.  I want to tell my family how I feel, what goes through my head but most importantly I want to share the wonderful memories I have of them – things I will lose but they will have forever.  Time to get some make-up on.

We’ve been so busy recently with friends, dinners, meetings and fundraising but it’s a joy to be able to do this.  This makes me HAPPY!   I feel useful!   Even though some people still don’t “get it” I have great neighbors, friends and my Alzheimer’s family.

Our Williamsburg EASE (Early Alzheimer’s Support and Education) Carepartners Walk is Saturday October 25th.

Please join to walk with ME!!  Donations are always accepted but not required to walk – just wear purple.  I also have raffle tickets – $5/each for a beautiful 2014 RED Camry.

Below is the link if you would like to sign up to WALK.  My team is: Williamsburg EASE Carepartners:

If you would like to donate:

I will post the YouTube video after our radio interview and our talk from the Walk Ceremony by the end of October.




  1. said:

    Enjoyed the picture and your journey. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Love, Marge and Hal Gieseking

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