by Sharron Warren


I know this is late and it will be short and I only have me to blame. I have gotten lazy – too many days of just laying around doing exercises with some horrid PT thrown in equals pain medication, ice bags and MORE laying around. I find myself asking when this cycle will end. Will the pain really go away? (maybe in a year or two) Will I ever walk without pain? (I can’t really comment on that – just depends) Will I ever be able to empty my dresser of all the new medications? That depends on the other two questions. Being a nurse I know the standard physician lingo but it’s still funny to I ask.

I am going into my 5th month of breaking my leg so I’d like some answers —– but like Alzheimer’s there are no good answers, therefore we get none. To me that’s OK as I’ve learned so much and I know there are no clear and easy answers to this Alzheimer’s thing. But there are so many out there that never gets the diagnoses therefore they don’t get the help they need. I am so fortunate. I am also fortunate enough to know when my brain is not cooperating with my mouth and I can either get angry or I can laugh. Tom has this cute way of looking at me when I’m scrambling for a word so I usually laugh. The anger or the laughing right now depends on my leg. See the circle? One has to go away soon and we all know which one isn’t. I’ll have to work on the leg but I will also continue to work on my brain. I may just be here another 20 years or so. I feel lucky!! Did I just hear Tom saying “Oh No”?


If you’re like me you’re happy that summer has arrived. There are those that do not like the humidity, sun, beach or pool – I’m in for all of those. Having a pool this year – finally – is wonderful for my spirit and my leg. Both love to float on my supper noodle. I am getting geared up to take the grandkids to Jamestown Beach – one tiny little wonder of Williamsburg – shallow fresh water which means it’s never above my thighs, great for the kiddies, you get to watch the ferry come and go all day and it’s just peaceful. My grandkids have been asking for the past 2 months – I believe Riley was worried that my leg couldn’t go but here I am – WALKING!! Sometimes an awkward walk, sometimes a limp and sometimes a cane but I can get to where I need to go, even the beach. For that I feel blessed. It is amazing to me that one ugly, lopsided, scared leg full of metal and screws can actually WALK. I need good support shoes so there go my cute sandals this year. I even got supper support water shoes. If any female needs or wants some good water shoes just ask me. They are great for rough pools and walking in the bottom of Jamestown Beach!!

Another grand blessing for me is that I can DRIVE short distances. I’ve been around our tiny neighborhood and to the grocery store. I hope after PT today I get cleared to hit the small roads. My driving means I can take myself to PT and relieve my wonderful neighbors of that task.

Life can be so complicated for all of us at times but if you just wait long enough things will turn around. Who thought that 4.5 months ago I’d be walking and driving???


I’ve been in touch with many of you about this years Alzheimer’s walk and more information will be coming out in August. I so appreciate those who have already given me a YES so my team is growing!! If anyone is interested please email me. A raffle will be announced in July – I can’t wait to see what it will be. If you bought raffle tickets last year and didn’t win the car just remember that it is a great way to give – all the raffle money went to our local Alzheimer’s Association and who knows – you may win this year.

Another tid-bit. I did a radio interview this week with the CEO of the Alzheimer’s Association of Southeastern Virginia, Gino Colombara. It will air this Saturday June 6th and also on June 20th both at 9AM. Anyone in any state can listen. June is Alzheimer’s and Brain Awareness month. Wear your PURPLE!




  1. Cay Davis said:

    Sharon, you are amazing! Here is some hope for you … my mom has had Mild Cognitive Impairment for about 10 years now, maybe more as it is easy to hide at first. Mom is 80 and still knows and recognizes all of her family! We are truly amazed at this. God is good, he never changes. Amen.

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