by Sharron Warren


Well, not quite so for us beach lovers!  Memories should be made all through ones life but I have to admit that our traveling is not only for memories but we just plain LOVE the beach.  Summer can not be over – really??

I DO NOT like packing – never really did but it’s worse now so a lot is left up to Tom.  He has our beach list that we double check and then triple check and we still either forget something or bring too much.

Our vacation in September started at the San Soucy Winery Shrimp and Wine Festival with great friends. Then Tom and I headed to NC for a week of SUN and a week in SC, not much sun.  I have a cousin I’ve not seen in a few years who has 3 new grandchildren and lives in Charleston, SC.  – I was so excited that we were able to see everyone.  We were also able to met friends of my son for dinner in Charleston. Such good times and food.

Memories do not need to involve traveling… a “stay-cation” and enjoy friends and family at home with cook outs, wine hours or church.  Do day trips to a winery, take a ride to the beach or the mountains for a day.  We had a cook out and a great time with a “bring your own food” pool party this summer with neighbors.  Most importantly do things that you enjoy with people you enjoy.

Tom and I are participating in the Faith in Action at our church on the 18th.  We will be filling boxes of food but the best part is that Riley and Emma will be helping out.  We will get fed lunch and for dinner we head to a park with food by Carrabbas with games for the children and a bonfire.




I read a great article on “compliments”.  Being self conscience of my leg, my age, my wrinkles, my hair and my memory bank it’s hard for me to accept a compliment so instead of excuses I’m learning to just say “Thank You” and take picture of myself in black and white!!  We all need to feel special.  And black and white is so flattering.  Just kidding but taking pictures may be helpful to you and your family if a loved one has Alzheimer’s.  Memories may fad but pictures will be around for a long time.


There are many articles out recently discussing why Doctors are reluctant to say the word “ALZHEIMER’S.”

People can go years with symptoms and no diagnosis.  Along the way, these people lose opportunities to live life on their terms.

Patients and families can be reluctant to bring up memory loss. And doctors don’t always share their suspicions with patients.

People who know they have Alzheimer’s can make sure their Care Partners and family know what they want — and don’t want — as their disease progresses.

Patients who know early can participate more actively in decisions about their health, finances and how they want to proceed – all the way to the end stage.

Early diagnosis also can give this person the opportunity to participate in research that could lead to a new treatment or a cure.

In addition to planning ahead an early diagnosis can also lead to support groups for those with Alzheimer’s and their Care Partners.

If you know something’s wrong, you need to keep pushing your loved ones physician for a diagnoses.

Then – please do not wait to seek help from the Alzheimer’s Association.  They are a wealth of knowledge and support.  The Alzheimer’s Association can provide all the necessary information and to help travel this journey.  You do not have to do this alone.  They are amazing.


If you are a baby boomer (1946 – 1964) you best start pushing for more funding as 1 in 6 WILL get Alzheimer’s – that is a fact.  There are a lot of baby boomers therefore without Federal funding many insurance companies will go out of business as might Medicare, and yet as you can see, Alzheimer’s is not a priority – very scary isn’t it??  I believe all health diseases need more funding.





This month I was honored to have an article written about me in the online version of the Health Journal.  Thank you Marie.

What a nice Christmas present for me.

Since my last post I’ve been to see my favorite handsome Orthopedic Trauma Surgeon and his side kick, the awesome and equally handsome pain management physician.  I will be having my leg hardware, plates (2) and screws (18) removed on December 17th.  This will mean more anesthesia and two + weeks of MANY staples (76).  This will be done out patient and I will be able to bear full weight that day.  Now that freaks me out.  All those screw holes in my leg and I can walk??  Not sure about that!

In the past 2-3 months “we” have noticed a few more deficits in my speech and thought process.  When this happens I have been known to freak out but I try to remember that this is part of the disease so I need to continue to exercise, stay engaged with people and pray it slows down.

I recently started this section for those of you who would like to ask how I am with the Alzheimer’s but can’t seem to do it.  I can only think of 2-3 people asking me that question outside of my support group and my primary Dr.  I realize that this is uncomfortable for many, just as we may not know what to say to someone who has lost a love one.  We all know you think of us and we love you all for unsaid thoughts and prayers.



Anyone can be “artsy” – it’s good for the brain and it makes one feel good.

I’ve mentioned before that I love arts and crafts, especially coloring. Adult coloring has taken off but I don’t always remember to carry my books and pens/pencils with me. A friend recently turned me on to coloring on my phone – an iPhone app………Colorfy. It is awesome. I find coloring relaxing and being able to do it while waiting at the Doctors or in traffic is wonderful. I need to check out more free Apple apps and see what I’m missing. Keeps your brain working – I need this, so do you.




This is the last month to support my Walk to End Alzheimer’s as the walk is October 24th. I think we will have a good size walking group and a nice send off that morning by my sweet neighbors. We also have special friends coming from Crozet, VA. So we are excited! I so appreciate all my neighbors, friends and their support *** thank you all.

If you’d like to join the walk, donate or buy raffle tickets (for a sweet RED Camry) please let me know. To join or donate online go to:




Saying thank you is more than good manners. It is good spirituality.

Alfred Painter


Comments on: "SUMMER’S END AND PUMPKINS" (5)

  1. Karen Warren said:

    Hey Sharon,

    Just wanted to say, sounds like you have been having a stellar summer, you are so lucky to have such great family & friends. And by the way……..You looked amazing in that suit, in that black & white pic. You’re right, it really is more flattering. I think I want all my pics in black & white now. Take care.

    Karen Warren

    Karen Warren

    • We need to meet for dinner soon…………..before the snow hits!!! Thank you for your kind words and you’re right – black and white is awesome. Tom took them (about 10) that way by mistake.

  2. You really are an inspiration, l am learning who you are and finding that I really do like who you are. love ya

  3. Thank you cousin. I’m finding who matters and who doesn’t and I’m OK with that. I’m glad we are staying in touch. xxoo

  4. Cay Davis said:

    Thanks again, Sharron, for sharing! My caregiving continues with my Mother. Your blog really helps me relate to my Mom and sometimes gives me new insight, which I appreciate very much. See you on October 24th … I passed my goal of fundraising for ALZ.ORG. I am so sorry you have to endure this disease … but I can see you are amazing!!! Best to you and Tom, see you soon!

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