by Sharron Warren




  December for many is a very busy month.  I order most of my gifts online but I still love to visit the stores and “window shop.”  I have no self control so my window shopping can be very costly.  I do the “One for you and One for me” type of shopping.  I do this alone and Tom is very happy.



This little bag of hardware healed my terribly broken leg – amazing

  I had my final leg surgery.  All the hardware was removed and I have until January 4th to enjoy ALL the staples.  I can walk but it’s painful and not very pretty.  This has been a long journey but I can finally see the end in sight.


  This busy month (and all year) please remember your family and friends who may need your help.  A visit is all most of us need.  Think who is sitting alone and could use a little cheer.  I have a most wonderful sweet, kind and giving long distance friend who shares her time selflessly all year.  I wish I could bottle her up and spread her around.  I love you R.O.


  There are so many things I could talk about but I decided to keep this short.  See you the 1st of February.


the young me in jamaica




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