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January 2014 was the beginning of my Alzheimer’s BLOG.  I have enjoyed writing my thoughts and more so I have enjoyed your comments for the past 2 years.  I hope to continue to share my journey with you for many years.  Sharing my BLOG with YOUR friends and family is the best way to help me increase my audience.  There are more of me out there than you know and I’d love to touch their lives and hear their stories.  This is my beautiful Mother (2nd from left with the tan beautiful legs) who was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s at the age of 65.  She is with her sisters and brother.

1982 Lillian Garvey with her children



A little humor

Out of boredom I took a Face Book “test” that tells what your color is.

“I belong to the gold family.  The color psychology quiz tells us that the luxurious gold is the color you subconsciously most relate to.  Let’s be real, this is an awesome color family to belong to.  Who wouldn’t want to be gold?  You simply radiate charisma, personality and individuality, making others feels completely relaxed around you.  You’re loving, compassionate, and you have the remarkable ability to empower others.  You’re a magnet that draws others towards you, and you’re absolutely irresistible.  You ooze success and triumph is written in the stars for you.  Keep it up you golden lion, you’re a true star.”


Change your life for the better one jar at a time


While perusing Pinterest I found this great idea. Throughout 2016 Tom and I will write things about our life and put it in the jar – good or bad.  On New Year’s Eve we will open the jar and read them all.  From the size of the jar we better get busy. I love new and different ideas.


My Alzheimer’s Views

I have read many articles that state once we have Alzheimer’s its too late for a cure or a vaccine.  Alzheimer’s usually starts 20 years before it rears its ugly head. It also states, as I’ve said many times that the Alzheimer’s drugs, IF they help at all only last 6 months to a year.  I see evidence of this too many times.  As I said before I will not take any drugs that do not stop the progression or eradicates all the plaque and tangles. These medications give false hope to people needing something to cling to.  I know people on a cocktail of these drugs and they are still progressing.  Do they know, do those around them not see the change or do they block it out?  It breaks my heart.

When I see these wonderful people moving down the path so fast I realize this is my future.  I find myself happier living my life as I am now.  No, my head is not in the sand! We have planned the future, made travel plans and all IS well for now.  I’m bright, smart and well educated in ALL that is Alzheimer’s and I wish I could help them.


So Sharron

How are you doing?


  • Oh my – I LOVE to cook and I am great at throwing a dinner in the crock pot but recipes are another beast. I am now unable to follow a recipe that has more than 3-4 ingredients.  The last recipe I tried I ended up having Tom call out the items I needed – one by one.


  • My organizational skills have flown out the window.  We travel a lot and for many years we have always used a packing list. I might as well put that in the shredder! Tom is now in charge of the list – bless his soul! I figure if I have my medications and underwear I’m good to go.


  • We went to the Outer Banks for a week vacation the end of January.  We left on Sat. after/during the snow storm.  I drove about 45 mph with no problem.  We arrive to no heat in our unit but were able to get that resolved before bedtime.  It is relaxing for me to stare at the ocean, no matter what the weather.  The snow storm left the waves huge, loud and rhythmically rolling to shore.  Listening to the waves is like mediation and I forget that I have Alzheimer’s.  As you can see this sunrise is a work of art – for Him I am thankful.

sunrise nags head



  • My math skills flew out the window a while back.  I never liked math anyway!


  • My concentration went out the same window.  My BLOG now takes days to write instead of a few hours.


  • Today is the one year anniversary of my fall.  My leg staples were removed January 4th.  This last surgery’s rehab is moving slower than my previous ones.  My leg will never be “good as new” therefore I need to work harder to get it as close to normal as I can.  My “get up and go” is slow and I have constant nerve and sensitivity pain along with a cup full of medications.  My pain brings new meaning to “You get on my one nerve!”  I pray for comfort and healing.


  • On a good note:  I LOVE my church!  Walking in every Sunday to the place where I broke my leg is a little unsettling but then the music starts and all is well.  My spirit is lifted.


  • I am HAPPY – life is good!  We all must make the best of what we have.  I am fortunate to have two legs that work, a brain that is still functioning and a voice I can use to make my life better.  Yes, talking is not a problem for me!




A loving story from a friend and caregiver

Mom moved in with my husband and I on Thanksgiving Day 2014. It is now January 2016. It has changed our lives and I wonder why God lets people hang on so long in a debilitating state. I guess there are lessons for us to learn. Patience, a sense of humor and love … if a caregiver doesn’t have these, they are in trouble. I imagine Mom is in her last stages of dementia. She is picking at her clothes and at times imaginary play with sewing or putting things together with her hands. She has fewer times where she recognizes anyone. She thinks I am her sister (who is deceased). She is much less interested in eating than she used to be. She often stares with glassy eyes. She often sees people who are not there and I cannot get her to identify who “they” are. She lovingly always wants to give what she has to “them”. Her gently, giving spirit shines through the dementia. She amazes me!!