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Our life is about hitting the road, or soaring through the air. 

We are at the end of our month in Florida and it was wonderful though it will be nice to get home.  We’ll have a few weeks there then we are off again.



I talked about music last month so now on to art.  Art projects can create a sense of accomplishment and purpose. They can provide the person with dementia — as well as caregivers — an opportunity for self-expression. These can be used for any stage of dementia.

When planning an art activity for someone with middle- to late-stage Alzheimer’s, keep these tips in mind:

  • Keep the project on an adult level.  Avoid anything that might be demeaning or seem child-like.  Never talk to people with dementia or an older adult with baby talk.  Respect their dignity.
  • Build conversation into the project.  Provide encouragement; discuss what the person is creating or reminiscence.
  • Help the person begin the activity.  If the person is painting, you may need to start the brush movement.  Most other projects should only require basic instruction and assistance.
  • Use safe materials.  Avoid toxic substances and sharp tools.
  • Allow plenty of time.

I have seen beautiful paintings and pottery from several people dementia/Alzheimer’s and they were amazing.


In 2002 I started a jewelry business, Beach Babe’s Jewelry, and what fun!!  I had a web site and great friends that hosted shows for me.  I was able to set up for festivals and wine events.  Three to four years ago I stopped it all.  I lost interest but I still have a lot of jewelry left over!   Maybe one day I’ll find something to do with it.  I think the jewelry would be great to buy as a donation – hint, hint!!!   My point is to encourage people to be artistically active.  I am now knitting and coloring and no, you do not want to see them.  Since I can not follow a knitting pattern I’m still into dishcloths but I am also making a blanket using knitted squares.  I love it – so relaxing.


Continuing with Elder Abuse from last month

The Victim:

  • Typical victims live with a family member and depend on relatives for daily care.
  • Others live alone and are unable to care for themselves or their affairs.
  • More women than men are abused.
  • Victims depend on the abuser for basic needs in the home or in a long term care facility.
  • Emotional problems between an elder, relative or caregiver may lead to abuse.
  • Victims are often over 80.
  • Victims may not be allowed to go outside nor have visitors.
  • Victims may have one or more disabilities, including mental impairment.

The Abuser

  • Are frequently family members who act in a care giving role.
  • Often do not understand the care needs of the elder.
  • May misuse drugs or alcohol.
  • May have a history of mental problems.
  • Emotional: Harming self-worth or emotional well-being, name calling and scaring
  • May depend upon the victim for money or shelter.
  • May have a history of spouse or child abuse.
  • May be unable to care for an aging person due to employment, poor health or advanced age.
  • May have stress problems other than the care giving role (e.g. financial difficulty, unemployment, marital problems).


BLOG moto may 2016

So Sharron, How are you doing?

We spent the month of April in Florida.  Loving the beach and weather!  I have to admit that going up the long ramp, down the stairs and then across the sand to get to our favorite beach spot is not pleasant for my leg but once I settle in the pain is relieved.  No cares or worries when you are looking and hearing the ocean.

I am (trying) to reading my Kindle on the beach and so enjoy it but by the next day I need to go back and review what I read the day before.  I have forgotten, but I don’t give up.

Our friends here in Florida have been so kind to us and made this vacation a lot more enjoyable.  Thank you, Hugh, Laura, Jean and Bob!!


Florida foliage

I do believe that I may have decided to get my knee replacement in September. Pretty iffy? I was going to try to make it to November but why suffer any longer than I have to.  I do not look forward to the pain and rehab but I do look forward to finally having a pain-free knee.  I’m sure many of you can relate.

Next vacation is in a month to Arizona and New Mexico.  Yippy!!  Nothing like a week in Sedona to relax your mind and lift your spirits.

I am so proud of my three youngest Grandchildren.  YOU are awesome!!  Lexi graduates  May 7th from ODU,  Riley loves his karate and being on the honor roll, Emma, the only female on her baseball team is showing that a girl can play as well or better than the boys!  You go Emma and keep those hits coming!!  She is also on the honor roll but for some reason I think it’s called The Principle’s List.  Back in my day that was not a good thing!!



Updated 2016 Alzheimer’s Facts and Figures

This year’s report includes information about the financial cost to care contributors – those who are caregivers of someone with Alzheimer’s and/or contribute financially to their care.

Did you know:

  • On average, care contributors lose over $15,000 in annual income as a result of reducing or quitting work to meet the demands of care giving.
  • Nearly half of care contributors cut back on their own expenses (including food, transportation and medical care) to pay for dementia-related care of a family member or friend.
  • One in five care contributors cut back on their own doctor visits because of their care responsibilities.

As you prepare for this year’s Walk to End Alzheimer’s, I want to encourage you to share these facts and raise your voices on behalf of the more than 5 million Americans living with Alzheimer’s and their care contributors.




The 2016 Williamsburg Walk to End Alzheimer’s®  is on Oct 22 at Matthew Whaley Elementary School. This will be my 3rd walk.

In 2015 our chapter (Southeastern Virginia) raised over $735,000 through 6 chapter-hosted Walk events.  My wonderful team – The Villas of Five Forks – raised over $4500 and we placed 5th in Williamsburg – right below all the LARGE corporate teams.  WE ROCK!!  My aim is HIGH for 2016.  I’m sure it will involve a new car!!  Get those $20’s out and ready!

I am looking for new items to auction at several events.  We need store gift cards (grocery stores would be nice) or any new store items.  Gift baskets are always a hit.  If you’re in the know that would be great for Team Villa.  If you own a business and are willing to help sponsor Team Villa please let me hear from you.



As always THANK YOU for your love and support.



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  1. Kim Sale said:

    Always enjoy the monthly installment. Is you jewelry website still open so peaple can purchase?

    Sent from AOL Mobile Mail

  2. Kim – if anyone wasn’t going to ask me that I knew it would be you!!! Yes, the FB site is open and I need to gather my stuff at home and make sure it’s up to date. I have tried to marked those that I sold but some may have slipped. I tell those who look to copy the picture and send it to me and I’ll see if it’s available. or just search Beach Babe’s Jewelry. Hope the weather is getting better since we leave tomorrow…

  3. Rodney said:

    Love you Momma! See you soon. xoxox ROD

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