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We have moved from our lovely home in the Villas of Five Forks (still for sale) into a four story townhome with a beautiful rooftop terrace.  Call us crazy!!  This will allow Tom better access to grocery shopping, when the time comes and I can no longer drive.  Plus we will be able to walk to restaurants.  I think it’s going to be dangerous for us to live so close to Trader Joe’s, Fresh Market and Home Goods!!  Tom says we do not need a pantry as we have a 50,000 foot one about 100 yards away.  Exercise and food/wine.  Oh my!!

Because of the above this months BLOG is late (as you already know).  Quite honestly I am pooped with exerting little physical activity and since we packed ourselves I have to pace myself.  The “Leg that Keeps on Giving” is screaming to STOP!!




“Alzheimer’s is a deadly brain disease, and while memory loss is a hallmark of the disease, early symptoms such as anxiety, confusion and disorientation are often more common, troubling and obvious to family members.”

A newly identified condition — mild behavior impairment (MBI) — may precede the onset of Alzheimer’s before symptoms of memory loss become apparent.

Has the person become agitated, aggressive, irritable, or temperamental?  Does she/he have unrealistic beliefs about her/his power, wealth or skills?

Or maybe another kind of personality change has happened – Does she/he no longer care about anything?”

If the answer is yes to one of these and the personality or behavior change has lasted for months, it could indicate a very early stage of dementia.

Hence, mild behavioral impairment. The idea is to recognize and measure something that some experts say is often overlooked.  Sharp changes in mood and behavior may precede the memory and thinking problems of dementia.  I call it confused irritation!

Short Check List

 The symptoms of MBI, focus on five domains

  •  Changes in apathy/drive/motivation
  •  Mood/affect/anxiety
  •  Impulse control/agitation/reward
  •  Thoughts/perception

This I know to be true and it certainly explains a lot.  Let me know if this is something you have noticed and how you handle it.


So Sharron, how are YOU doing??


Not sure what to make of this summer – it’s been strange weather – even too hot for ME.  Let’s not forget Hermaine

Things are going OK with this wicked disease.  Well maybe not really OK as the moods and temperaments are all over the place.

Moving was terrible and you can quote me, “I will never do this again!”  Tom was and is wonderful – because of all the steps in our new home he was my “pack mule”.  Within a week he installed 3 ceiling fans, 3 pendant lights, moved furniture around, hung pictures, installed curtains on 2 sliding doors, broke down ALL the boxes AND made room for our car in the garage!  He is awesome!  You also have to take into account that he is my care partner – not an easy job.

My knee replacement will be on September 27th and I am praying for relief.  This will be the 4th surgery on my leg and I am still hopeful.

I am at the beach trying to relax – yep, 9 days after moving in we’re on a 2 week vacation.

I am doing a radio interview on September 20th at 3:30 PM for Alzheimer’s – listen in.



The 2016 Williamsburg Walk to End Alzheimer’s® is on October 22nd at Matthew Whaley Elementary School. This will be my 3rd walk.

In 2015 our chapter (Southeastern Virginia) raised over $735,000 through 6 chapter-hosted Walk events.  My wonderful team – The Villas of Five Forks raised over $4500 last year.  This walk is to raise awareness along with donations to the Alzheimer’s Association.  It’s only once a year so please join me.


I have raffle tickets for a new RED Rav-4 XLE – $5/each or 4 for $20.  A great way to donate and possible win a new car.  Please call Tom at 757-209-1977 or email  for information on raffle tickets, donations or joining our walk team – The Villas at Five Forks.  Anyone can join.



Thank you as always for you love, support, understanding and taking the time to read my BLOG.  Please help me by passing this to your friends and family.