by Sharron Warren


My Mother on her wedding day – age 14!!!

I’d like to thank those of you who have been following my BLOG for the past 2 ½ years.  The biggest part of my BLOG is for you to understand someone living with Early Onset/Early Stage Alzheimer’s – day to day and month to month.

Another reason I write is to possibly enlighten people who suffer from cognitive impairment.  I was also hoping through my BLOG to find someone “like” me and be able to share, help and become a support system for each other.  Tom and I did find 2 lovely couples that we can call and chat with.

In September we moved to a new TALL (4 floor) townhouse. The reason for the move beside the rooftop terrace was for Tom to have better access to grocery shopping, restaurants and his guitar lessons.  Being vision impaired allows him so much more freedom at our new location.



I am very disappointed when I see a headline that reads “New Alzheimer’s Treatment” and it’s either a version of what’s out there and not working or some form of a vaccine tried on 10 mice in a foreign country.

With our donations and the help of the Government I pray that scientist will be able to find a cure.  It may be that there is no cure – the brain is so complex and different than a lot of bodily diseases.  The brain is full of wires, blood vessels and many things unknown but there has to be an effort to cure this terrible disease.


From the Alzheimer’s Prevention Bulletin

 “I envisioned a cover of National Geographic 10 years down the road with postage-stamp size images of people from all over the world, each getting an injection to prevent Alzheimer’s disease”



So Sharron, how are you doing?


The past few months have been really rough with the move and trying to maneuver all the steps.  We packed everything ourselves and had the movers from “H”.   They made a mess of the new house coming up the stairs   dripping rusty water on the carpet.  The best part is that it’s over and we learned a lot – such as, we will never move again!!  Then, we said that 3 years ago!!

My bad leg took a beating with the move.  I moved my surgery from October to September 27th.  I had one surgery in 2014 (kidney), three in 2015 (fractured leg) and my knee replacement was done in September.  I pray this will be the end!

Since I am SO behind in posting this is already the middle of November.  My knee is not healing as fast as I thought so there is constant pain and tiredness.  I pray for having Tom every day but these rough 2-3 years has shown me his resolve, love and attention.  Daily I pray that his vision does not get worse and that he will always be able to see me.  Prayers and church are good for us – we all need strength – no matter where we find it.

My Alzheimer’s decline is slow but it’s still downhill.  It is sad and depressing and is taking a toll on me and Tom.  Care Partners have a tough job.

Happy notes: Meeting new people and having our monthly Memory Café.  The facilitators, who volunteer their time, are awesome.

Getting to have family time and visit with the grandchildren.

Tom fixing me dinner every night and watching movies.





Remember to give thanks for what you have.




Comments on: "SLIPPING BEHIND – LIKE MY MOM" (8)

  1. Karen Y Warren said:

    Wow, Sharron, you look like your mom, she was so pretty. I just cannot imagine being a 14 year old bride!! Happy Thanksgiving to you both, maybe we can get together during the holidays.

  2. Denise Butler said:

    We think that you are pretty awesome too!!! 🙂

  3. Your syrength and insight are important to so many people. Thank you for continuing to shine the light for us. I hope your Thanksgiving finds you surrounded in love by family and friends.

  4. Marge gieseking said:

    Happy thanksgiving to you both. We have to leave the memory cafe at 11:30 to get to Hal,s class so was sorry we could not chat with you, but we’re so glad to see you. Love, Hal and marge

  5. Happy Thanksgiving to you and Hal. I miss our chatting so maybe another say

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