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Do Not Argue!


When your love one has Alzheimer’s their actions can (and will) make their care partner angry and temperamental, the care partner have to learn to let go of being right.



This may be difficult for many of us with any form of dementia and their care partners.  The pharmaceutical companies are trying to help us BUT maybe there is no help…………..maybe this disease can not be prevented or stopped.  Maybe the brain is too complex.   I like to think on the bright side and have hope but some days it’s difficult.  So many scientists, so many years with so little to show.  I will still keep my faith – miracles do happen.


Twelve “easy” steps – so they say


Yes, I did “borrow” this wonderful article.  These “12 ways to Create an Empowering Dementia Environment” is well worth the read.  I know from experience several of these work for me – not all and not always – but Tom keeps trying.  A care partner’s job is not an easy one but then living with any form of dementia is not easy either.


Fooling the Doctor: Cognitive-Reserve Hides Alzheimer’s

PLEASE watch this great video.  It may answer so many questions I receive – how do you talk and socialize so well.  Cognitive Reserve – many of us are able to pull this off.  Hence – “You appear so normal.”  By the way – what is NORMAL??



So Sharron, how are you doing?

For some reason this has not been the best of months.  My pain is interfering with living a fun life.  The pain is constant but I still keep exercising and walking.  My mood is sour but none of you will see that.  That is reserved for home.

This beautiful weather makes me anxious to travel.  I will have plenty of time to just sit around the house but I want to go while I can.  So far that’s not working out.  Maybe we do need a little break. 

Sadness is a hard thing to overcome.  It is similar to depression but a feeling all its own.  We all have off days but sadness is such a different feeling.  I pray for it to be lifted. 

On a better note I am looking forward to having a garden on our terrace.  We loved our garden years ago and have not had one since.  There is nothing like cutting your own lettuce for a salad.  I have many pots to plant.  That leaves Tom the duty of carrying all that soil to the 4th floor.

HA!!!  I wear him down mentally and physically.

BY the Way – I also have many joyous moments.  I am still able to drive and shop.  I am able to take Tom where he wants to go.  I love seeing my youngest grandchildren, Riley and Emma.  I love this beautiful weather we have been blessed with.  I love my times on our new terrace and at Jamestown Beach.  I also love that Spring and Summer are right around the corner.

My life is not all doom and sadness.  I thank the Lord for that.




Oldie but Goodie

For those new to my BLOG or have forgotten my December 2015 BLOG (HA – I have!!)  I thought this is worth repeating.  There are people diagnosed every day with Early Stage Alzheimer’s or Mild Cognitive Impairment.  These are still so important to me.

So Sharron how are you doing?  December 2015

My emotions are all over the place and I can snap in a second.

I get angry at myself for not being able to remember something.

I get angry at Tom for not being able to figure out what I want.

I get upset with new procedures such as figuring out a new phone or computer.

So far I can keep myself under control in public.  If I feel uncomfortable, ready to have a meltdown or are in a too crowded area I tell Tom and we leave.

This is the disease.  I am not always in control.

I want you to know how I feel

Let me be independent. Let me do as much as possible

Love me as you always did.

Speak directly to me.

Talk to me or read to me. I do not want to lose the ability to talk.

Loving touches are so important.

Continue to let me, or help me do hobbies or activities I enjoy.

I want a say on who helps out – I chose who I do and do not want around when I start progressing.

I want reliable help that I like.

Let me take care of myself while I can – see friends, go out to lunch or dinner.

Keep me engage with family and friends – even if I do not know their names. Have friends and family visit.

Make me feel safe – where I live now.

Celebrate the small things I can do.

Do not treat me like a burden.

One thing to remember is that I am still a person. When I can no longer remember names of family and friends and you talk in front of and around me like I am not there you do not know what is going on in my brain.  I may very well understand what you say.



The annual Williamsburg Alzheimer’s Walk is only 8 months away but those months will fly by.  I have formed a new team, “Hope Crew”.  People can join my team to walk OR just show support.  Joining my team does not mean you have to make a donation (but you sure can).  It shows that you care about the cause, finding a cure, a loved one with this disease and ME.

The site below will take you to my home page where you can donate or go to JOIN MY TEAM.  Let me know if you have any questions.

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Thank you for your love and support.