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it’s a really big deal


Summer storms come up so fast. Inside my head these storms occur all year.

If you understand Alzheimer’s then no explanation is needed.  For those who have not grasped the enormity of this disease I pray one day you will understand.  Please take the time to ask questions and educate yourself.  Remove the blinders, restore your kindness, ask questions and get to know us.  We want you to understand.  We are all willing to share. 

*Be kind, be thoughtful.  The effort we put forth for an event – giving a speech, hosting a party and even just socializing takes a big chunk of brain power – it takes many more hours than someone without Alzheimer’s – we are spent, done in, over it, exhausted.  Adding disappointment to that makes our life extremely difficult.  Think before you act – do not tiptoe but remember that our reactions are different. 

It is a really big deal


It is not about the end that I grieve for.  I grieve for the future – things I will miss.  I grieve for today.  Yes, those who know me may think I am spoiled rotten.  HA!!  So why complain?  I am missing chunks of life.  Unfortunately my outgoing personality doesn’t reach very far and quite frankly I get tired of trying.  With that said maybe those who are in tuned with this type of grieving will understand what is missing.

“The most supportive and kindest thing we can do when we know someone who is grieving is to be with their grieving. So often we try to change how they are feeling, distract them from the pain or cheer them up, but the best thing we can do, as a supporter, is to just be with them, however they show up on the day. Sometimes this might mean they want to see you, sometimes they might not, and other times they might want to be surrounded by as many people as possible. Allow it, don’t fight it, and be okay with seeing that person in pain; you are giving them the gift of healing by doing this.” ~Nicole Perhne


Having a chronic or fatal illness carries its own grieving process.  Most of us think of grieving as the loss of a loved one but grieving happens daily for those of us with Alzheimer’s.  Sadly we are not alone.

So Sharron how are you doing?


I am loving the summer.  I am in my element.  Give me the sun, some water and a good book –  I’m content.

I am having some difficulty finding that quiet place where I can read and relax without, screaming kids (YES, I love children – I was a pediatric nurse), foul mouth teens, entitled millennials, (NO, I do not like them) and intrusive yapping, slobbering, pooping dogs. Yes, my friends they are everywhere.  (YES, again, I love dogs – I’ve loved several) but the whole dog thing has gotten out of control.  Therefore we are left to hunt for new vacation spots – a secluded mountain cabin, a quiet place on a lake……………80% of my time is spent in a quiet environment.  My support group friends experience the same problems.  Calming quietness is what we crave.  It’s what we need.

I enjoy hearing Tom play the guitar.  He loves playing and it makes me happy.

I love seeing my Son.  He is the best son, father, husband, friend that anyone could have.  His work ethics are top notch.  I’d like to pat myself on the back but much of the credit goes to his Dad.  Tom has to be the best Dad ever.  Pure love.  If you know me you also know that Rod and I both lucked out.  He saved us.

Back in the day I loved spending time with my two oldest granddaughters.  Now I have my two youngest grandchildren to love on.  They light my heart up.  To hear Riley (13) say that he will always love, hug and kiss me makes my heart flutter.  Emma (10) my oh my………..she loves her arts and crafts like her NaNa but her heart belongs to her GrandPa and that makes me happy.  I love seeing the smile on his face.  I sing with joy. 


I love being with my cousins Dolly and Mary Lu – what fun lunches we have!!  They may not know it but they lift up my soul.  I admit that I do not possess the knack for finding or making good friends and that’s OK – I try.  I love the family I have and I miss family and friends that I no longer see.

I love my church (LifePointe Christian Church) and I wish more people in my life could experience that type of joy.  I may not be able to carry a tune but I manage to belt it out on Sunday mornings and guess what?  No one cares – God is good.  When he hears my voice I know he is chuckling – after all he did create me.

Enjoy the summer

I will be back in September.

“Hope Crew

Please join my team to walk OR just show support.  It shows that you care and support the cause, finding a cure and ME.

The site below will take you to my home page where you can donate or join my team.  Let me know if you have any questions.  Just do it.

I will have those wonderful car raffle tickets the middle of July so if you are interested just email or leave me a comment.  I will be glad to hold some for you and even mail them if you wish.  Same as always they are $5 each/ four for $20 or five for $25!!  You’ll want to load up. 

This year the raffle is for a brand new Pearl White 2016 brand Camry. 

This is also a great way to make a donation.  WIN WIN


The Walk to End Alzheimer’s

Saturday October, 28, 2017

Matthew Whaley School

301 Scotland St. Williamsburg, VA.

Registration at 8:30 am Ceremony at 9:40 am Walk at 10:00


*remember that I write from my heart – if I can not be honest I might as well sit and talk to myself.

Thank you for your love and support.