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Are You Ready to Fall?


I love to read – reading just doesn’t love me.  Reading on the beach has always been the best…….soft sand, warm sun, smells of summer and the Ocean – oh my….how I love it all.  As I may have said in previous posts –I speed read or I rereading.  Short term memory and 5-6 characters in a novel can be frustrating.  If there are more than 4 characters then I get lost.  I used to write the “family” tree on paper before I started reading but decided that a book with that many characters is not for me.  How the author made up all those names and that BIG tree is beyond me.  I try so hard to read and keep my brain active therefore I usually resort to magazines, Alzheimer’s articles and maybe an easy book or two.  Fern Michaels “Texas Heat” is not one of them!!  I tried working on that for two weeks!

 If you like a good read check out Camille Di Maio  She is a wonderful author, neighbor and friend.


Unwilling or Unable?

 Which is it?  For me with Early On-Set Alzheimer’s I feel that it could be both.  Depending on the circumstances I may be unwilling and unable to perform a certain task at any given time.  This of course for many depends on what part of the brain is affected.

 It’s hard for family and friends to understand this, because they can’t SEE what’s wrong with me.  They can’t see I may be unable, or unwilling to understand what they are saying.  This of course causes stress and confusion for both parties.  In my stage it’s more likely that I am unwilling to do something than unable – unless it involves problem solving, making decisions or reading.  HA!!

 So yes, I may be unable and unwilling.  Thinking back to when I broke my leg. I was unwilling to walk, simply because I was unable too.  I am unable to comprehend what is being said in a large group but I simply am unwilling and unable to understand or decipher the conversation. 

It is too tiring.

This my friends is why I talk so much.  I need that control.  If I talk, laugh and try to make jokes then I do not have to work at understanding the conversation around me.  Which brings me back to some older posts – You are SO social.  How can you be so social (chatty) and have Alzheimer’s?

 We, as humans we are all different.  Not one of us is alike.  To determine the seven stages of Alzheimer’s there were hundreds of people with dementia being studied, all different as all our brains are different. There may be seven stages but all of us wiggle between two or three of them.  No one is in one certain stage until the end.

Yes, I still hear: My Granny has Alzheimer’s and all she does is babble, she’s incontinent and so mean!  How can you have Alzheimer’s and look and act like you do?  I can be unwilling and unable.  We are all different.  I am different.


My Alzheimer’s brain is awesome.  It may fail me at times but it holds great memories. These memories keep me going because it helps others know that the face of Alzheimer’s is changing.


 So Sharron, how are you doing?


At this very moment I am in a slump – can’t you tell?  Maybe it’s post vacation letdown.  We had a great two weeks in Atlantic Beach with awesome weather despite Irma, Jose and Maria.  On the windy non-beach/pool days we went shopping and walking through the wonderful towns of Morehead City and Beaufort.  I was thrilled to have my cousin (and her hubby), who I have not seen in over 50 years, join us for a great day in Beaufort!!  Eating was always the highlight of our day – hence my home scale is not being very kind to me.

We have a lot going on with a new sink to be installed today.  We are having the WHOLE house painted hopefully next week.  We are getting new carpet-maybe some new wood floors and lastly we’ve ordered an awesome awning for our rooftop terrace.  I can envision many more days and nights of enjoyment – four floors up. 


Time is running out!!

“Hope Crew

Please join my team to walk OR just show support.  It shows that you care and support the cause, finding a cure and ME.

The site below will take you to my home page where you can donate or join my team.  Let me know if you have any questions.  Just do it.


I have raffle tickets for this awesome car.

2017 car raffle flyer

I will be talking this year.  That alone is worth your Saturday morning!

The Walk to End Alzheimer’s

Saturday October, 28, 2017

Matthew Whaley School

301 Scotland St. Williamsburg, VA.

Registration at 8:30 am Ceremony at 9:40 am Walk at 10:00 am


Thank you again for all your support.

*remember that I am not always responsible for what I write!!