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Realization is a Hard Pill to Swallow


Realization is a hard pill to swallow

I believe we all know we are going to die – just a matter or where and when but it’s something most people do not obsess over or think of every day.  I saw my Mother on the decline road of Alzheimer’s and yes, that’s what she died of.

At a recent EASE class we had a physician speak on the cause of AD along with a few statistics to which he added at the end, “and then you die.”  I do not believe that he realized he was addressing 5 people with Early Stage Alzheimer’s and their Care Partners.  I was trying to hold it together as he read through the stats – feeling near tears for an hour.  After his closing remark I had to leave the room.  A few minutes later I found Tom and had a major meltdown. 

Fast forward a week or so – I see a commercial on TV about Alzheimer’s called “Two Lives” – very touching until the end when it shows the lady with AD dead in her bed and they say “and then you die.”  REALLY???  Off went my email to the AD Association for their less than sensitive commercial.  I found it on YouTube and saw that it was made over a year ago but since we DVR everything I had not seen it.  I find it so sad that an organization that is all about AD can support such an ad.  I sent a letter to the head of marketing and received a very nice response.  I commend her for responding so fast and her kind words.

 Yes, we all know that we will die but I’d like to live as long as I can just like you.  No reminders please.

For my friends and family:  I’d like to thank you again for all your support.  I want my son to know that I feel his love and appreciate that when we are together we don’t feel the need to talk about my condition but I know he will be there when I need him.  Family is important and there just isn’t enough of it for me.  I am distressed most evenings trying to sort so many things going through my mind. 

Tom’s support is loving and caring – just as he’s always been.  I am thankful that no one asks “So, how ARE you?”  On the other hand I wish I had one special person that I could talk to, someone that would understand, listen and reassure me………….a special person to go out to lunch with, one I would not have to be on my best behavior.  It sure gets tiring.

I am grateful for those who understand & I enjoy my good days.  I am loving this weather and looking forward to a few vacations.  Two will be at the beach this summer  – my “peaceful” place and another will be a month in Florida.  I LOVE vacations…they sooth my soul and for a short time I forget what is happening to my brain – tangles and plaque – BE GONE.

** Friends and family – I pray that your surgeries and illnesses will be lessened in a few weeks.  You know who you are and my prayers are always with you.

Until next month.