by Sharron Warren

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Getting Groceries


The next few paragraphs are by Sharron’s husband, Tom. This is my observations on the changes.

Sharron loved to shop. Arts and Crafts, clothes, groceries, specialty foods and more. It did not matter what really; it was mostly about the looking around and the occasional fantastic find. She would come home and show off her acquisitions, or surprise me with something at dinner. Living in the good old USA, land of plenty was for her. She would sniff out the best deal, or find the recent elusive item mentioned on the food network. For grocery shopping she would get what we need by finding it, determining the best price, grab it then move on.

A little over two years ago I remember us in one of our busier grocery stores. There were people in every aisle. I was with her; we were looking at something simple like a can of beans. Store brand, Del Monte, Green Giant, etc. Some are at eye level, others at your feet. She looked at one, then another. She was hesitant, unsure what to put in the cart. What I know now is that she was confused. The distraction of people up and down the aisle, combined with remembering each price to determine best value and we have a situation. I said something like “the Green Giant is on sale for 68 cents.” She asked me why I am confusing her. The point here is that something as routine as getting a staple at the store can become a challenge.

So, WE have changed. At a store simple is better. Rushing is bad. Crowds are bad. We still comparison shop for nutrition (fiber and fat), but we do not confound the decision making by drilling down to save a nickel her, a dime there.

This year our times in the grocery store are shorter. On bad days we hit a point of sensory overload. Some days I say something wrong, or forget about the ‘no rushing’ strategy. Whatever the driver, she is ready to go home, to that quiet, comfortable, boring place, she loves and hates.